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Welcome to IFTTT

Hello theappauls!

IFTTT connects your apps, devices, and services in new and powerful ways. There are 1000+ services on IFTTT with endless ways to automate and integrate. 😎 Click the link below to learn more about IFTTT:

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Applets are automations that connect two or more services to create a new experience. For example, an Applet can turn up your heat if the weather drops below a certain temperature. Or create events in your iPhone Calendar, via Google Assistant.

Triggers, actions, and queries

These are the building blocks of an Applet, each one plays an important role in the automation. Each service has unique triggers, queries, and actions that allow you to build different Applets. From the Explore or Services page, search for a service, device, or app you want to use. By selecting the Details tab, you can take a look at the available triggers, queries, and actions for that service before you connect.


Ingredients are part of the triggers and actions, little individual pieces of information. A user will take these ingredients and use them to fill in fields.

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