technologyApple Reportedly Developing 32-inch and 42-inch OLED External Displays

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The tech world is abuzz with reports that Apple is developing two new external displays, a 32-inch and 42-inch OLED display. The displays are said to be designed to work with the company’s Mac computers, and could be released as soon as 2021.

The news comes from a report from Bloomberg, which claims that the displays are being developed in Apple’s California labs. The report also states that the displays will feature a “Mini-LED-like backlight design”, which would allow for thinner and brighter displays.

The OLED displays would be a major upgrade from Apple’s current lineup of external displays, which are limited to 27-inch and 32-inch LCD displays. OLED displays offer superior image quality, with deeper blacks and brighter colors than LCD displays. They are also more energy efficient, meaning they use less power than LCD displays.

The report also claims that the displays will feature a “pro-focused design”, which could mean that they will include features such as USB-C ports, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and other ports that are commonly used by professionals. It is also possible that the displays will include features such as built-in speakers and cameras, which could make them ideal for video conferencing.

If the reports are true, then Apple’s new OLED displays could be a major upgrade for Mac users. The improved image quality and energy efficiency of OLED displays could make them ideal for professional use, while the potential for additional features could make them even more attractive. We’ll have to wait and see if Apple releases these new displays in 2021, but if they do, it could be a major step forward for the company’s external display lineup.

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