Spotify Co-President Söderström Confirms Plans for HiFi Music Streaming Service

Dipti A

In a recent interview, Spotify Co-President Sten Söderström confirmed plans for the company to launch a HiFi music streaming service. This new service will offer users access to lossless audio quality, allowing them to enjoy music with greater clarity and detail than ever before.

The new service will be available to both free and premium users, and will offer a variety of options for different budgets. While the exact pricing has yet to be announced, Söderström stated that the cost of the service would be “very competitive” compared to other streaming services.

The move to offer HiFi streaming is part of Spotify’s ongoing effort to improve its user experience. The company has already invested heavily in improving its audio quality, and this new service will take it one step further. Söderström believes that the improved sound quality will help attract new users, as well as keep existing ones engaged.

The launch of the HiFi streaming service is also part of Spotify’s larger strategy to expand its presence in the music streaming industry. The company has already made significant investments in podcasts and other audio content, and this new service will help them further differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The launch date for the new HiFi streaming service has yet to be announced, but Söderström stated that it would be “soon”. In the meantime, Spotify users can look forward to enjoying their favorite songs with improved sound quality when the service launches.

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