Apple Rejects 'Untitled Goose Game' Twice from Mac App Store

Dipti A

On August 28th, 2019, Apple rejected the popular game ‘Untitled Goose Game’ from its Mac App Store. This is the second time the game has been rejected by Apple, despite the game’s success on other platforms.

‘Untitled Goose Game’ is a game created by House House and published by Panic. It has been praised for its unique concept and gameplay. Players take control of a mischievous goose and must complete tasks, such as stealing items from unsuspecting villagers. The game has been a hit on other platforms, such as Steam and Nintendo Switch, and has won numerous awards.

Apple’s rejection of the game is due to their App Store policies. Apple requires all apps to be reviewed and approved before they can be available on the App Store. Apple has strict guidelines for what is allowed on their platform, and ‘Untitled Goose Game’ does not meet their standards.

The rejection of ‘Untitled Goose Game’ has sparked debate among gamers and developers. Some argue that Apple’s policies are too restrictive and that they should allow more games like ‘Untitled Goose Game’ on their platform. Others argue that Apple should maintain their standards in order to protect users from potentially malicious apps.

It remains to be seen if ‘Untitled Goose Game’ will ever be available on the Mac App Store. For now, gamers who want to play the game will have to purchase it on other platforms. Regardless of the outcome, this situation highlights the importance of understanding Apple’s App Store policies before submitting an app for review.

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