Canva or Adobe Express is better for free graphics designing?

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There are many apps and software available on the internet for designing graphics. In the past, most of them used software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel-Draw. For such software, the capacity of computer or laptop should be high. So many people are not able to use such software.

However, it does not mean that there are no other software for graphics designing. Nowadays, there are many apps and sites available on the internet, from where we can easily design classy graphics. Canva and Adobe Express are at the top of the class graphics designing tools that can be used from the phone.

These apps can be used to create social media banners, create advertisement posts or design graphics for other personal and professional purposes. Today we discuss which features are available in Adobe Express and Canva:

Where can I get Canva and Adobe Express?

If you haven't used these tools yet, you can try Canva by clicking here and Adobe Express by clicking here.

To download

Canva – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

 Adobe Express - Android and iOS 

1. Template Canva provides users with separate templates for different mediums. In particular, social media posts, brochures, and presentations can be made accordingly. You can use such templates as you can get ideas for graphic designing from the templates in Canva. The site has more than 250,000 templates available for free.

On the other hand, Adobe Express helps users to design graphics in a limited template. Adobe Express also has different categories like Canva. Because the templates are many and attractive, Adobe Express can be considered suitable based on the templates.

2. Effects and Filters Canva has many useful effects and filters. Especially effects like blur, paint effect, pixelate can be enjoyed in Canva. Also, if the brightness, contrast and saturation of the design need to be adjusted, there are various options in Canva.
On the other hand, Adobe Express also provides users with many effects and filters for free. However, compared to Canva, Adobe Express has limited effects and filters. The brightness, contrast and blur of the photo can be adjusted manually in Adobe Express.

3. Interface and ease of use When comparing any app or software, user interface comes first. In terms of user-friendly interface, Canva's interface looks simple and clean. You can easily customize the template by editing it. Canva's user interface appeals to newcomers to the field of designing.

A lot of Photoshop and Illustrator can be seen in Adobe Express, so that the experience of designing graphics in a professional way can be seen. The user interface is a little uncomfortable for the newbies, but it gets better as you learn. Although the user interface is complex, Adobe Express has many useful tools.

If you are new to graphic designing then Canva is perfect for you. However, Adobe Express is also a good tool for those who want to learn graphics designing. Canva can be considered good in terms of ease of use.

4. Video editing Not only photos, Canva is also a suitable tool for video editing. Like photos, videos can also be edited from templates. After editing the video, it can be saved in various formats and downloaded.

Adobe Express also has a video section. In particular, those tools can be used to trim, resize, merge or crop. Adobe Express has only limited templates. However, Canva has many templates. In terms of video templates, Canva can be considered the best.

5. Stock photo Photographs are very essential for graphic designing. Therefore, a site with a lot of stock photos is considered suitable. Both Canva and Adobe Express offer thousands of stock photos. So, while designing graphics, there is no hassle of searching for photos from that site on other webs.

Canva provides users with over 1 million stock photos, while Adobe also allows users to use thousands of photos from Adobe Stock Images.

6. font Fonts are very important in graphic designing. As the font is the first attraction of any poster, we feel that a site that provides many and attractive fonts is suitable. There are hundreds of fonts available through Canva. You can't expect many Indian fonts in Canva.

Hundreds of fonts can also be used in Adobe Express. As there are separate fonts for different categories, you can use attractive fonts according to your needs. Fonts in different languages ​​are also available in Adobe. Therefore, Adobe Express can be considered attractive.

7. Mockup Canva's mockup templates are easy to use and customizable. Such mockups are necessary especially when designing a laptop, phone or book cover. You can also create your own mockup templates with Canva.

In terms of mockup templates, Adobe Express has some limitations. Only the layout, theme, animation and color can be changed from the Adobe Express mockup template. If you are looking to learn graphic designing, Canva is perfect.

So which app to use? 

If you are new to the field of graphic designing, Canva is perfect for you. Adobe Express is a suitable app for those who are well versed in photo designing. Depending on what features you need while designing graphics, one of these apps can be used. If you are looking for more features for free, you can use Canva.

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