Apple may restrict iPhone 15 USB-C port functionality.

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Recent rumors suggest that Apple may limit the functionality of the USB-C port in the iPhone 15 series with a super-fast authentication chip.

In 2012, the first manufacturer and MFI certified Lightning ports began to ship with the IC interface. These are semiconductor chips designed to manage information between devices.

For example, the current iPhone port IC authenticates connection related accessories or parts. For this reason, if you connect a Lightning cable that is not MFI certified and does not have an integrated circuit, you may see the message "This accessory is not supported". Apple confirmed last year that iPhones would eventually switch to USB Type-C to comply with new European regulations.

A report on Weibo claims that the Cupertino-based tech giant has developed a new interface IC specifically for the USB-C port and charging cable. This suggests that future MFI-certified iPhones and accessories may feature the new IC chip.

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“Apple does it by itself and makes a type C, lightning interface IC, which will be used in this year’s new iPhone and MFI-certified peripheral devices.”

The implications of adding the chip are unclear at this point, but reports suggest  it may affect some features. For example,  data transfer rates from  iPhone 15 to non-MFI certified accessories may be limited. Apple may also limit fast charging for unsupported accessories.  

 So what are the other benefits of  authenticator chips? 

 Advantages of the IC chip in the USB-C port of the iPhone 15

 Apple is using integrated circuits to convince customers to buy genuine iPhone accessories. As such, tech giants can earn commissions for MFI-certified products. Authenticator chips also provide a quick way to protect against potentially dangerous accessories. 


 However, the USB-C interface of newer iPads does not have a certified chip. That means it will be the first  USB Type-C integrated circuit for any Apple device. 

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