AI chatbot also came to Microsoft Bing, what is different from ChatGPT ?

Dipti A

Finally, chatbots are also available in Microsoft's search engine. Those who apply on the waitlist opened by the company can use the system chatbot.

With the popularity of ChatGPT, various search engines were behind Chatbot. A limited number of users have started using the chatbot, which was announced last week. The company had opened the waitlist along with the chat option on Bing's homepage.

Those who participate in the waitlist are getting 'chat' access. Microsoft's chatbot is different from chatgpt. The chatbot in the style of ChatGPT provides the latest information. In addition, sources are also mentioned for the answers to any questions we ask.

In this way, many users see it as a useful tool because it connects the user with the source of information. In terms of data, this Microsoft tool is always updated. When using it, the tool looks attractive. However, what is weaker than ChatGPT is that it does not provide all the information in detail.

If you ask a question or query, the related question can be seen as a suggestion. As the tool is new, some data may be incorrect, the company said. However, using the chat feature on Bing usually gets most of the answers correct.

A Microsoft account is required to use the chatbot on Bing. While searching on Microsoft's Edge browser or any other browser, you can use the Guy chatbot in the search engine. As it is currently available for limited users, there may be a situation where you have to sit on the waitlist again.

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